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    My husband left a year ago to be with another woman. I have asked for maintenance which his solicitor has told him not to pay until they have all my financial details. I work full time plus for the NHS.  I can’t afford legal advice and don’t qualify for support. I am paying our joint mortgage which he won’t remove his name from all the bills and for the children.  He is providing nothing. Is there anything I can do. And is it legal (the solicitor) to withhold maintenance?

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    I thought maintenance was based on the non resident parent’s income and how many nights their child stays overnight.

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    Put a claim in to the CMS. You don’t need his permission or his co-operation, just fill in the form on the web site.

    Contact the Gingerbread help line to understand what the options are for the mortgage.

    Remember his solicitor is acting for your husband, he may suggest all sorts of totally unfair things to benefit your husband.  Solicitors do not necessarily have a moral code!     You need your own legal advice urgently.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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