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    I lost my partner back in November, very suddenly we has been together 25yrs and have 2 boys

    He was only 40 yrs old. We were childhood sweethearts

    I feel so lost and empty. Was wondering if anyone out there in a similar place . Who wants to chat

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    I’m so sorry for your loss, that must be so hard for you, I’ve hit been in that position and can’t imagine how hard it must be

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    Hi I am so sorry that you are going through this. I also lost my husband 10 years ago. The feelings of emptiness, loneliness, heart break.  I felt this with knowing he was going so I can’t imagine what you going through.

    All i know is with time it gets easier doesn’t always go away but you learn to deal with it.

    If you want you can message me.

    Sending my love.

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    Oh goodness that must hurt, I am quite often available to chat if it would help at all. My situation and experience s are very different to yours but I am sending positive thoughts in your direction​. Are you getting counseling? It might help, often it does. Though I am aware that it isn’t for everyone.

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    I lost my partner to suicide nearly 5 years ago whilst I was pregnant with his child. We weren’t together long and were having relationship problems too. If you have family and friends around you let them help you as much as possible x

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    I’m sorry to hear this. I too lost my husband in July after 22 years together. The kids are 3 and 9 now. He was 46. He had cancer but the tumour started to give off toxins which caused organ failure. I know what you are going through. Things will get easier and you will start to get more good than bad days. Just take each day at a time. Take care.

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    Hi there. Justine here.  I’m so pleased you have found each other to chat too.  Please continue to give each other support.  An agency that may be use to some of you is called Widowed and Young.  They provide peer to peer support service for men and women under 50 who have lost a partner.  It is run by a network of volunteers and offers a range of services.  Please contact them by following this link and I hope this helps  https://www.widowedandyoung.org.uk/


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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