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    hi all

    im going through hell at the moment . I’ve just found out my husband looks at escorts websites and has looked on dating sites for married people ! The strange thing is at first I’ve tried to be the model wife and show him how much I love him but deep down , I want to leave him as even though he says he’s not done anything there’s no trust . I’ve been walking around for the last two weeks trying to pull myself together as I’ve gave up my job and moved 82 miles for this man and no there is no going back to where I’m from . Everywhere I look there is happy families and I even see myself looking at women to see if they have wedding rings on and most do. It feels such a lonely place with no one to talk to properly and with 2 kids under 2 I feel I’m failing.

    I’m not stupid. Of course there is other people who go through these things I just can’t see me happy.

    I want to stop hurting and feeling like this. X

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    Hi hun,

    You are not alone in this. I know exactly how you feel. I was in an abusive marriage for the past 5 years, not physically, but mentally. My ex always claim that I do not trust him and I was just being overly dramatic about our situation when I had proofs. He left me at home all day until I decided to move back to my mom’s because I felt so.. alone. I was so naive when we got married, like they said, love is blind. It was blind indeed. Little did I know that he was only hanging on to me for the citizenship.

    After I found out all his lies, my anxiety kicked in like crazy. I hated him yet I couldn’t let him go. I started going out on dates (yes, while I was still married, it was a wrong move but I guess I wasn’t feeling like I was in a marriage anymore).

    And I am now 27 weeks pregnant.  4 months ago I got my divorced. Though the father of my child will never be in our story, but I guess this child that I am carrying now is a total blessing. I feel a lot more happier and she gave me the courage to step out of my nightmare. I feel so relief.

    Don’t be afraid to let go if you are not happy. Everyone deserve true love and happiness. God bless you! xx

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    You are definatly not alone. I have been married for 17 years, and am still madly in love the mother of my two children, who has cheated on me 3 times in the last 18 months, with different men. We are now arranging a seperation with me having full custody of the kids. I have no support network, living parents, friends or family in the area I live. I will not move as I will not upset my childrens schooling (son starts high school this year)

    I feel like I will only ever love my wife, but things now are unworkable. She works, I am a stay at home daddy. Until we sell this house it feels like I am going stir crazy every day with only the kids for company. (They are great, but how I yearn for adult conversation) Everywhere I look there is memories of our once great relationship, all day, every day. I am a mentally strong person but this is driving me insane.

    So Daisy, there is others going through similar, thought I know that won’t help. If you want to send me a personal message, feel free, Because I have never felt so lonely and desperate in my whole life.

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    Hi daisy

    i was in a miserable marriage for the last few years until I found the strength to end it at the beginning of the year. When I take the kids out I often look around and am jealous to see all the happy looking families and feel I am the only one on my own. The funny thing is it never bothered me until I actually became a single parent even though my kids father rarely was involved in any family activities while we were still together. Anyway just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in how you feel x

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    the best thing is to go out and meet other people. i believe support groups are a great idea. actually sometimes you need to take some time off. I went for a holiday with my son and feel refreshed. even tho my problems are still there, i can see them from a different angle. or be less stressed about those.

    spending time on myself makes me feel better. like having a good bath, put on nice clothes, cycling, reading.. make up =) and of course compliments ^^ its nice when you get those =)

    on the time i feel lonely, i try to talk to people, or just have a walk with a good friend. i know its not the same… but at least helps for that period of time.

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    Hi Daisy, you are in good company here, lovely, intelligent and caring people who never asked for anything bad to happen as they always put their partner first.. BUT of course their partner did not even thank them for it, . Of course children are a shared first responsibility. Please don’t beat yourself up .. you need some time to heal, I had to turn around and face it after 17 yrs my husband found another younger female .. but if you want to cry (cry) as that heals you its a fact.. and remember that your beautiful and albeit you do not feel beautiful or strong you bloomin well are  xx as you have come here and that takes some real strength – we are all here in our lives and houses feeling low at times and mediocre at other times, and of course lonely most or  some of the time, you are an amazing person and yes the world feels odd (for now darling) but just go hour by hour and you will heal xx I was abused in my marriage and adored him and never ever did anything wrong, it was the cherry on the cake what he did to me and I walked and walked 280 miles away xx thinking of you.. Jenny

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