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    I’m lost and in a rut. I fully respect my sons mother but feel like he’s being put against me. This lockdown has been very hard and I understand many must be going through this so I’m just after someone to talk to about this who has or is going through it all

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    What’s your situation?

    it has been hard during lockdown – not as many things to do or to focus on are there!

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    Not allowed to see my son he no longer wants to facetime or talk to me it’s been almost 3 months

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    Ah man, Lostdad, that’s tough.  I do feel for you.

    Was your son happy facetiming you before?  I don’t know, and you mention your feelings about your ex putting your son off you possibly, but my son is not keen on any kind of video calls and especially in lockdown, he has become even more shy.  Admittedly this is with school & friends, not his dad (who is not even in his life at present.)

    I hope you can still communicate with his mother to encourage her to see how much he needs his dad.  How come no actual contact either??

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    Hey.Hope you’re ok.

    Just reading through different posts here.Very sad when kids don’t want to talk to their parents,but usually it’s bc they feel hurt in some way.If your son is young enough, for the moment maybe you could send something special just for him to his home.He’s only going to ever have one real dad so if you used to get on well it’s a shame to throw that away.It will remind him of you and hopefully make it a bit more comfortable for both of you….? I’ve got 4 kids and that helped my kids a bit when their dad couldn’t see them sometimes over the years. I hope things get a bit easier soon for you.

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    How old is your son if you don’t mind we asking and why or what excuse does your ex say for not allowing. Stay strong, your not alone x

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    I think his ex used covid risk as excuse to stop him. I suffered same rubbish last year. 3-4 months of no contact.

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    Start a journal for your son, say everything you are thinking and feeling…even if it’s only a few words at a time, but end every entry with: Thank you for being my son…

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