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    Hi All,


    going through a real hard time moved 100 miles away from home 4 years ago to make a new start with a new partner whilst pregnant with our first child.

    I know nobody here, I have no support network here, fast forward four years I had an accident which has left me with a permanent neurological disability some days are so bad I can barely move. I’m on a lot of strong medications morphine, oxycodone the list goes on…. I now have 3 children. A four year old, a 2 year old who I strongly suspect has autism and a four month old baby. My partner has left us I am alone. All alone. The only family I have is my mum who is over a 100 miles away who has a serious health condition herself. I just feel so scared and over whelmed all the time. Sleep is non existent I am so so tired. Just reaching out really ……

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    Hi Crystal0108

    I’m sorry you are going through this difficult time.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before parents are making contact with you.  I’m sure there will be some parents here who have experienced similar situations.  To help you to make contact with others it may be an idea to have a look at the threads you are interested in and comment on some of them.

    I hope this helps, Justine

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    Hi Crystal,

    Which county are you in?  Do you have face time with your mum?

    What are you up to today?  I’m isolating at home, and it’s difficult.  I think quite a few of us are going to need cheering up.  I’m trying to make a new routine that helps – cheerful radio, fresh air each day, stuff like that.  I’m on here quite a lot in the evenings so if you want to chat, I’d be glad of the company x


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