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    In May I was given the terrible news that my ex partner was dead. We separated because of his drug addiction but he was my best friend and we did everything together – I loved him more than anything. I now have to bring up my two young boys alone and I really am alone now – my mum died when I was younger my dad doesn’t bother – friends are busy. I am really trying to be happy – did a cbt course I can’t really go out as I have few people who can babysit. Having a bad few days but will hopefully feel better soon. Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation – I think if I had my mum and more support around me I would feel better it just hurts sometimes when your forgotten

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    Today and Tomorrow is my new motto,My circumstances are similar,My 9 year old Son lives with me and I too have next to no support. In this year 2017 I have been out on my own @ 4 times and 2 evening functions wit my Son. It is good that you did a cbt and perhaps an idea to do more courses if possible. Last September I started a Teaching Assistant course at college and in the New Year I will be starting a placement in a school. It is not as nice as going out for a social evening but it is better than nothing. Like you I do not really bother with people that do not have an understanding of being a single parent, exhausted physically and mentally trying to keep everything together. Let us hope for a Happy New Year and concentrate on today and tomorrow.

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    I hope you had a good Christmas.  I too am alone, no family, and feel friends are busy.  It’s hard not to fall into depression.  It must feel like you’ve had a double loss, first losing him to drugs and lifestyle and now to him passing away.  It’s hard to know what to suggest except try to get out if you can.  Where are  you?  Are there local groups you could use or do babysitting for someone and they babysit in return?  I hope you’re doing ok.

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