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    <b>hi all, I’m looking for some advice/support regarding my 17 year old daughter. Her dad has been absent for most of her life, never had birthday cards, presents or any acknowledgement of her milestones etc, 9 months ago her dad showed up, he got a conscience because he is having a baby. My daughter gave him her all from day 1, this was upsetting because she is an amazing child and he walked back into her life as if hed never been away. Over the past few weeks my daughter has been disrespectful, ungrateful and rude. I went against the grain and looked in her phone to see if there was any justification for her attitude. The conversations between her,and her dad, were as if I’d been the absent parent, he ***** me off , she laughs, she also tells him that it’s never good at home, he pushes for info all the time and she tells him shes not happy here, she also mocks me with his wife about me asking to lend money from her. I feel totally heartbroken, used and betrayed. I lost my head and told her to leave, she is now living between my sisters house and her dads, everything I have ever done is for my daughter, always has been, yes I’ve made mistakes.  It’s like shes been using me, and I genuinely believe that she doesnt care for me and definitely doesnt respect me. I would never of thrown her on the streets, is a relationship with your daughter the same as with a friend? Or a partner? If i asked her to come home, would she continue to disrespect me and look down on me? Does she need to come to me? Am I doing the right thing? I dont know anymore, all I know is that my heart is breaking, like a physical pain. I asked why she would say these things to him of all people, she said well it isn’t much fun at home is it, I believe the reasons there has been tension at home, is because of her and her attitude,  not because it’s an unhappy home. </b>

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