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    I am starting to feel so drained, fatigue and loosing my motivation as a single mum!

    Some days are okay and others it seems like trying to climb a mountain even if it is a simple task that i need to do.

    Currently i am working part time in retail, go to college doing my diploma and started doing volunteer work for the council, few hours per week.

    Maybe i have taken on too much? I just want the best for my son in the long run.

    I dont even see my friends anymore as im either working, studying or in bed sleeping or running around after my 14 month old.

    What can i do? I used to be so active and motived but now its like i have become the opposite.

    Suggestions please! Thank you x

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    Like you, I’m struggling to get to Xmas. I have one son, older than yours, plus I work full time and have no family support nearby. This autumn has been a real slog.

    Could it be a mix of tiredness, vitamin D deficiency and just a need for a change of scene and fresh air?  I’ve started taking a supermarket multi-vit and that has helped a lot.

    Maybe the volunteering is a bit too much although I understand why you do it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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