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    hi im finding it very hard to find work because ive had gaps due to bringing up my children does this sight help im 47 thanks sharon.

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    Hi Sharon.  Click on the menu button of this website, select Information, and scroll down to and select “Working”.  I haven’t read it, but Gingerbread’s other information sheets are good IMHO.

    Some suggestions to get you started: write a CV, decide what type of work you want to do, think about how best to find those types of jobs (Job Centre, recruitment company, newspaper ads etc), think about what strengths and weaknesses you have, which employers locally might appeal, and go for it!

    Umployment rates are down in most parts of the country, and many employers struggle to recruit good people.  So hopefully this will help you have confidence.

    Most employers should accept and respect that you have gaps due to your circumstances.

    Hope helpful

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    Hi, have you tried a bit voluntary work while your looking then you can get a bit confidence back and something positive and recent to add to your cv and a reference? Don’t discount the valuable skills you have from gaps in your employment as raising children gives you many transferable skills such a a time management, communication, organisational skills and negotiation. Your local job centre should be able to advise you too with cv writing, possible updating of skills and childcare assistance if required, best of luck!

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    I spent eight months last year as the sole parent before starting a new job. On my CV that is simply “career break”, which is catch-all for anything, including spending a year travelling, or studying, etc. The CV just gets you into the interview – if they want to know more they will ask at that point. I’ve never found it a problem. All the best.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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