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    Hi. Needing some advice. I hunt worked since having my daughter in 2017. As a single mum I really struggle to get by financially on universal credit. I would like to start looking for work cos mentally I’m so fed up of being on my own. However I’m worried due to the fact I wouldn’t have childcare for school holidays or if my child was poorly. So just wondered if anyone else has been in this position and what help I could get. I’ve tried asking jobcentre but theyve not been any help

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    is your ex able to help you?

    you might be able to get 15-30 hours free childcare is child is 2-4 years old:


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    She is currently in nursery 9 til 3 every day but it’s the school holidays I’m worried about. I wouldn’t have child care for half term and summer holidays etc. My ex works full time so he can’t help

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    check out this gov site. lot of options available:



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    If your Child attends private nursery then it will be open during. Summer holidays

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    I don’t have an answer but wondered if you’d thought about retraining? As in attending college or university whilst she’s young? I guess then you’d have the school hols off too and hours are not likely to be long. You’d be challenged mentally, meet new people and enjoy adult conversation. I’m sure if you were if education then you’d likely qualify for some financial help with childcare. Others might be able to offer some advice about benefits if you’re open to considering this

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    Have you ever thought of working in a school as a teaching assistant, nursery or in a school kitchen or even as a lunch time supervisor.  All these jobs give you paid term time holidays.

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