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    Hi.  My relationship with the person whose boat i live on has ended.  It’s a small intimate space and so particularly hard to make work whilst trying to find somewhere else to live.  As the result of a mental health crisis a few years ago, my children’s main residence is with their dad, so my children (aged 12 and 17) are not considered my dependents for benefit or housing purposes.  They do however stay with me: the 17yo stays from Tues eve til Thurs am and the 12yo Wed eve til Thurs am term-time, half of school holidays and alternate weekends throughout the year.  I need to remain in this area to see them and to continue working in a part-time job which provides me with stability and enables me to manage my mental health successfully alongside medication.

    I supplement my income with the savings remaining from the sale of a boat which I purchased following my divorce from the children’s dad (because I could not afford to rent or buy in this area), but which I had to sell following the crisis in my health because I could no longer afford even that.  I work in New Malden, and my children go to school in Guildford/Godalming so I need to be in striking distance of both these areas.

    I am wondering about shared housing but I know that might be difficult with children staying over on a regular basis.  I am wondering whether anybody is in a similar position looking for something in this area, or has some advice?



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