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    Looking for some advice about what/how to tell my little one about her father when she asks. She has never known him, we split when I was 4months pregnant, he simply was not ready. As she’s getting older (2.5 years) she’s wanting to play role play and sometimes asks me to be the daddy, which is totally fine, I do. But as she gets older and is developing more awareness of family I’m dreading the questions ‘where’s my dad?’, I know she’ll want to/ deserves to know. I don’t want to brush it off, I’m aware that what I tell her she’ll carry with her. But I have no idea how to tell her. If anyone can recommend some children’s stories that show a diverse family set up. And if they have any pointers for what to say to her when she asks I will be so grateful!

    Many thanks.

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    do you think the father would be interested in seeing child? you could reach out to him if possible.

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    Hi MMcM

    I’m Michelle one of the Moderators here.  I wondered whether the following article from the Family Lives website might be a start to thinking about how to go about this:  Absent parents – Family Lives

    I hope that helps a bit

    Kind regards



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