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    Hi all

    New to this would any of you gingerbread members like to meet up or chat on line. Brief story just separated from my husband have 10 year old child am trying really hard to keep things together but finding that their are very ltd avenues out their for single parents  as having to look after the pennys as I think you will all appreciate . It would be nice to speak with both mums and dads .  It would be really nice to here back from someone.

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    Hi Dressmaker

    Thanks for posting on the forum, I’m sure other single parents will be chatting with you soon.

    You may want to check out if there is a single parent friendship group anywhere near you can check our groups finder 

    Also joining in on other threads can be a good way of connecting with other parents.

    Take care


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    Hiya, welcome to the forum.

    I’m a long way from Driffield but I just wanted to reassure you that people will read your post. It can sometimes be a little while to get responses but it’s nothing personal, it’s just the nature of the site. Also the amount of people that are using the forums isn’t huge and we are all spread out over the UK so some folk will see your post and think that it won’t apply to them as they arnt from your area.

    Talking of your area I did my driver training where you are, I was based in Beverly for some months and it’s a beautiful part of the world.

    Keep posting and you will soon make online friends and in time real life ones as well.


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    Going through similar at the moment, other end of the country but distance is no object at least with a good supportive online community. Like most people on here are finding, it’s daunting, but it will get easier for you, and you will find good friendships locally through here and other outlets too.  I’ve looked through the forum and seen some really good messages of hope from people who have come through and are now in a much better place – after the rain comes the Sun, and the clouds will lift.

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    Hi dressmaker! Hope you’ve managed to find some support on here. I’m in Beverley if you want to message me 😊

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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