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    hi I’m maria I messaged on here few months about my ex walking out 18 months ago and never hearing off him making me homeless taking my daughters dog leaving all the debts and never heard off him.  Hes been with a new woman since before he left someone has sent me all the evidence ha there even engaged hoping to marry next year not even divorced.    I cant believe I mopped around for a year and a half but now it’s my turn to get a new life and I’m know looking for new friends I hope to hear from.u xx

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    Hi my husband walked out on me and our 3 children (under 10) in Feb. It’s a long complected story which built up over 4 months. I’ve now accepted the fact it’s over and am looking to make some friends who relate to my situation. Happy to be your friend.

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    Hi eva I’m so sorry to hear off ur new I’ll message u x

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    feel free to message me if you need to chat !

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    Liane 245

    I don’t even know where my kids dad is. I reported him missing to two police forces, Essex and Berkshire in 2012 and have still heard nothing from him.

    ‘making me homeless taking my daughters dog leaving all the debts and never heard off him.  Hes been with a new woman’

    Sounds like the same man…..almost. I was seeing a lad that I met off plenty of fish but that ended.

    Im gutted really that this Corona has hit I had plans for this year to get out socialising even attending the local Thurrock group……😕

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    hi lianne hope ur ok I ve messaged u inboxed y

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    lianne I ve inboxed u    x

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    Hey Maria,

    Feel free to contact with me too.

    We all have in common in these things.


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    Family Time

    Hello ,

    This is my first time on here tonight .my husband walked out in January 2020 Iam heartbroken it’s the second time in our 8 year marriage I took him back before but can not go through this again he has made his feelings clear all over social media many nights out many women before lockdown , one is well known too all if you understand me being politically correct I have five older children to a previous marriage who are all grown , and commited to two more children who have my heart , their dad hasn’t provided anything no time love or devotion its soul destroying it’s hard with lockdown to stay sane , here if you need to talk .

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    Feel free to message me too if you’d like to chat 🙂

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    Liane 245

    Evening all.

    Im just watching The Deer Hunter; a pretty gruesome film.

    Theres been some good programmes on today. Love the whole singing programme that was on. I think the rolling stones done a brilliant job.

    Anyone else back at work next week….i was saying, just as I’ve planned things to do and bought tickets lockdown happens.

    Typical luck…

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    hi family time I ve mess u xx

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    Im gutted absolutely that this Corona has hit I had plans for this yr to get out socialising from fintexec even attending the nearby Thurrock group

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    My daughter has barely seen any other children! She’d only just started  enjoying baby groups when all this hit. I had only just built up the confidence to socialise again… Looking forward to this being over but definitely feeling very shy again now.

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    I lost all my friends & family due to my ex.

    He’s now decided he prefers sex sites than his 4 year old & unborn baby.

    Feeling very lonely & worried for the future.

    Was hoping to start my daughter in a gymnastics group, a new school then when baby comes go to baby groups but instead I’m stuck in this bubble & going mad x

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