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    Hi there strong queen’s, I’m a single mum of 2 and another on the way. I live near Enfield and would like to meet other single mums who are like minded, so we can all help and be there for one another. Like the saying goes: it takes a village to raise a child;   I’m hoping together we can be that village, also would be lovely for us and the kids. I’m an optimistic person and would like to be friends with like-minded people who believe in- The Almighty. I just joined today so looking forward to this.

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    Hi Queen

    Qween here lol

    im not officially a mum yet but I agree it does take a village to raise a child. I’m in London and could also use someone more experienced for when my bundle of joy arrives for advice etc. I’m Glad u mentioned belief because my faith became abit Rocky due to my situation but thankfully I didn’t get too lost because looking back now , I can see that God has been nothing but good to me so I’m grateful to still have my faith especially on days when I feel depressed and alone.

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    Queen gang loool. Would like to speak to you and Just take it a day at a time sis . Inbox me ur no if you want and we take it from there

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    Renata L

    Hello. I think it is a very good idea. Although we live in the information age, very often this information is not true. It is great when there is someone to ask for advice, many can share their experiences. Also now, in isolation because of the virus, many feel lonely and such forums allow us to communicate with other people and make it clear that we are not alone.

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    hi everyone,

    I just become a single parent and really appreciate and look for forming strong support network and friendship.

    I am from West midlands, but these days everything is online, would love to hear from anyone who is in the similar situation. Please inbox me and i would be happy to hear from you, also i am new here 🙂


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    Great post, Queen. I agree entirely strong support group is vital. Especially when as single mums we don’t have our family to help us.

    My relationship with faith is a bit bumpy. I feel like i im drifting away. Hope this will not discourage you from making contact !

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    Hi everyone, this is is a really great idea :). I am also in London and almost 4 months pregnant. My family is not around to support me and it would be cool for the kids too.

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    hi there Maria, what part of London are u in.? Also do you have other children as well

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    Hi Queen,

    just stumbled across this site today trying to figure my way out of this mess; husband walking out of our marriage. Still haven’t told my family entirely or my friends; just feel like no one would understand.
    Would really like to make friends for myself and my son especially to have a village for my son; a village of people who love God and want that for their kids too.

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    Hi, I’m also from London (south west – Brixton) and would love to make some friends.

    my boyfriend moved out the next morning after I told him I’m pregnant and want to keep it…

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    I used to live in east London but the house I lived in burned down so I will need to find somewhere new to live. Currently not sure where, don’t really wanna stay east.

    No, this is my first, pretty scared of giving birth :).

    Hugs to you all

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m not in London. I’m in Quebec Canada. Same problems, different place lol

    If faith n God are at the center of this queen chat, im in!

    I have a four year old daughter and two older kids, successfully living on their own.

    I”m doing it alone again, and it wasn’t part of the plan : ( Its rough, lonely, stressful at times and then sometimes I feel so strong and independant but with prayer and God. I’m getting holding on 😉

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    hi im not from london, i do have family in london.

    I think a support network is important and would be happy to make friends, i had to move away due to domestic violence and have no friends were i am.

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    Hi everyone!

    I’m also in sw London and looking to meet parents in a similar situation . With lockdown maybe we can start a WhatsApp (or other social media) group?

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    Should we start with private mssgs on here first

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