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    Im a single mum with a 4 year old daughter, she lives with me and currently see’s her dad once a fortnight. We parted and he moved out 7 months ago he has his own place now and is with someone new who also has a child, I am unsure if my daughter has been introduced. Shes been asking lately why Daddy isnt coming home to live with us and why cant we be a family, It breaks my heart to see her upset but also know us separating was the best thing to do. She seemed to have dealt with it all really well and I have tryed to explain the best I can as her Dad finds it difficult to talk so wont say anything about it to her. Just looking for any experience/advice on how to help her to  deal with the situation.

    I think it would help to meet up with other single parents and children but there are no local groups to us. If anyone is worcestershire based and would like to meet for a coffee and playdate

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    Hi Butterfly, I split from my son’s dad when my son was 3.5.

    Now,seven years later, my son doesn’t remember living with his dad and has completely accepted the new norm of seeing his dad every Sunday. That reliable routine is important.

    I know it’s hard at first but stay calm and concentrate on being a happy positive mum . I think if a split has to happen, better it happens early because younger children seem to adapt much better.But once a fortnight isn’t much, can your ex manage once a week instead?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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