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    Hi all,

    I am a single parent who is about to be homeless. I am looking for who can rent with my 8mo son. It’s been crazy looking for a place as most landlords do not want family. Also paying the bills and all it’s just better to share with another single parent ? My lo hasn’t seen another child since lock down and loves to play but it’s been just me. Being a single parent is draining me out let ! Help!

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    have you tried contacting your local council? they may be able to help.

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    What area, I live in Brockley, Lewisham and just two days ago the estate agent asked if I knew of anyone looking for a one bedroom. It is above mine, I live on top of a launderette. It’s a nice area. My son is 12 and I’m looking for a 2 bedroom myself so hopefully we will move soon but I just thought that I would let you know x

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    Can I have his number please ?

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    The council said I made myself homeless so they can’t help 🙁

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    Have you tried contacting shelter ? They maybe able to advise you.

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    Hi there

    I am one of the moderators here at gingerbread and I have read through your thread today.  Shelter are a great agency that can advise around potential homelessness.  Here is a link to their website:

    • Shelter expert housing advice https://england.shelter.org.uk/get_help

    Please remember that this chat is available on public view which means anyone looking at the website can read it.  If you are looking to make contact with another user you can discuss the arrangements through the private message feature.  Do pay attention to our safety advice which can be found here:

    Online Safety Guidance | Gingerbread

    I can also see that one of you is using an email address as a user name.  This leaves you vulnerable to spam.  You can edit your user name by clicking on your profile information.  Any issues with this please let us know.

    Kind regards, Justine

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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