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    Hello Just after some general opinions.

    after 2 years of having my 2 children 10&11) every weekend and half the school holidays, which is laid out in a custody arrangement order, mainly because my ex loves her freedom and social life,

    my ex has finally moved out of the former family home and bought a new home with her new partner 100 miles away   She under the impression the family home now means from her new house..

    my ex  expects me to do a 200 mile trip on Friday and Sunday  thats 400 miles a weekend and spending a lot of time sitting on M5 not moving..

    i also now have a 5 month old daughter with someone else who im not with but are still good friends , she wants me to spend time getting to know my daughter which I think is right thing todo.. with my ex wifes recent move has now made my sundays evenings hard and messed my arrangements up with my baby cause im now spending two hours travelling back..

    relocating myself is not an option as i have another daughter to consider  – just feel trapped

    if my ex still wants me to have my children every weekend is it unfair for me to expect she meets me halfway?

    i don’t personally wants to stop seeing my daughters any less and ive spoken to my mature 11 year old and shes like oh god please dont make me stay at moms every other weekend..  so i have that quilt trip..


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    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask about meeting half way x You need to make a plan that works for everyone, that includes all your children and yourself x

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    Well thank you and im glad its not me who thinks im been unreasonable..

    im unable to co parent or exercise any. PR rights im just constantly treated like glorified baby sitter

    ive no choice but to apply for a c100 court order to vary the custody order

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    You’ll have to apply to the court again and do another application if she doesn’t agree. Most times they will make the other parent do half of the trip. Whether that’s her doing the drop off and you taking them back or meeting half way on both trips. It was her choice to move away. Good luck x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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