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    Does anyone have experience of long distance co parenting with a child arrangement order in place that could offer advice on how contact works? Does the child travel to the non resident parent or the parent travel to the child?

    Dad lives a 4 hour drive away & wants alternate weekend contact at his house. I think doing that much travelling is not in the child’s best interest… Looking for guidance on what courts put into place ahead of us ending up there so that I can hopefully make a reasonable, child focused proposal. I can find lots of information for parents that live in the same town/close to each other, or for older children but nothing for long distance and very little for toddlers!

    (Just to highlight – I’m not and never have been against dad having contact, just want it to be child focused and appropriate to his age and needs)


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    A mediator or solicitor is your best point of contact if you are unable to agree this between yourselves. I would suggest attempting child focused mediation first as you may both find this useful in reaching am agreement if you are both keen to do so.


    Hope this helps and stay safe

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    If it helps,. Mine are 3 and 6 and the current distance is a couple of hundred miles between locations. Court went for school holidays to spend time with the other parent.

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    I’m in the same boat! Our little boy is just 1 and I disagree in him doing a 200 mike journey to see his dad, I put my foot down last autumn and since then his dad’s visited him here.

    however we’re currently waiting on a court hearing to decide what happens because we can’t agree.

    Its frustrating because my ex partner accuses me of having a personal vendetta and that this is the reason I don’t let our son go to visit his house. When the reality is I don’t want our soon travelling 400 miles every other weekend!

    put your foot down, we have to be our children’s voice. Just be prepared to go to court.

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    Usually the judge would take into consideration the age of the child, how well they would cope with the legnth of the journey, how practical it would be for them to complete the journey and make it back in time for school etc without being exhausted and how it would impact the childs social life, out of shool activities etc. In most cases the long distance visitation is that during term time they stay with the primary carer and then they spend the holidays with the other parent. But obviously each individual case is assessed by the judge so its not a guarentee thats what will be granted – it all depends on the circumstances. Hope this helps

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    I am in the mids of all this. My ex has moved to the Lake district over 200 miles away, 2 weeks before lockdown and he started court procedings.

    He wants to travel down to see his son and stay in a hotel that apparently  is still open (they are all shut unless only key workers)

    I do not see that driving 200 miles as essential travel as he will have no where to stay plus he is coming from a high risk area to a low risk ( south west)

    He cant take his son back to where he is living because he is living with his parents who one is over 70 amd the other has a health condition.

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