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    Hi ive never posted before. Im a single mother of 2 kids and get very little support. I work 36hrs a week as a staff nurse which i find difficult with the kids. They are 10 and almost 7yrs old. I have been seprrated 2 and a half years, which is a rollercoaster of emotions. I struggle daily as i am so lonely. I dont have any friends and do not want a relationship. The father who i was with for 14 yrs sees the kids every 6 weeks as he lives in England. Whereas i am born and breed brummie but had no choice than to move to wales as our marriage was volatile when we seperated. My mother lives in Wales and i thought she would be more supportive. The kids are a handful and my mother is in her 70s. I feel guilty that i cant afford days out holidays and feel like i am failing as a parent. I only ever seem to get cruticism and no praise. I did get myself into trouble with binge drinking as i used it as a coping mechanism. But i trying to moderate alcohol and stick to recommended 14 units/wk. Sorry for rant.

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    Life can be very lonely for single parents, I’ve been on my own for 2 years now and don’t fancy dating either.

    Recently I joined slimming World and it’s helped me to meet people who all seem to have problems and it feels good to talk once a week in a group and loosing nearly a stone in a few weeks has made me feel better about myself.

    I’m not for a moment suggesting that you need to join slimming World but being in a group has made me feel less alone.

    Hope things improve for you x

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    Hi there. I sympathize with you about being lonely and having no friends. Sometimes it’s nice just to let off steam and tell people how you’re feeling and I found just posting on here therapeutic.  Pm me if you like.

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    It’s just me and my little girl no parents and family who live miles away .I also work and have a mortgage too. I don’t drink or spend money on take outs. I usually cook from scratch and what we can’t eat I freeze in case I’m stuck one day. My little girl has just started reception at a special needs school as shes autistic

    There are lots of things to do with children that does not  involves spending & drinking is not the answer!  If you put that money up one month that you wod have spent on alcohol you will see how far it will go .

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    Hi sending you a hug. I separated from the father of my daughter 2 years ago. after 15 years together. I am a Gp and also work long hours (The NHS work doesn’t work easily for one parent families does it!) I earn a good wage but still need to work 40 hour weeks because I am paying off my ex’s debts! He doesn’t pay maintainence despite this as on paper I earn too much (even though most of my wages goes on paying his debts off as he signed for them at my address!) My daughter cant spend more than a few hours a week with him as he doesn’t have anywhere to live! My mum has moved here to support me but because she doesn’t work (because she looks after my child!) I am paying her money (which doesn’t show up on paper!) So have got in a bit of a pickle! The loneliness is awful but I cant see any way out of that because between the long hours and not wanting to put too much on my mum (who is 70) I try not to do things on my own. My so called best friend will not see me anymore because in her words she is in a couple and it is difficult for her to do things with someone on their own! I am trying my best to keep my head above water but am also having a sneaky glass of wine at present (more guilt!) however I am not as miserable as I sound HONEST! So if you need to talk I am here

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    This sounds really crap for you, but I can relate to the loneliness 🙁 its only been 3 months for me, but I hate the evenings 😢

    I have 3 kids, 15y, 10y and 8months.

    If anyone wants to chat, or have a moan, feel free to message me x

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    Thanks for your replies. How is everyone today?

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    I personally am having a crap, feeling sorry for myself kind of a day 🙁

    how are you? X

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    Quite anxious worrying about christmas and lack of money when son keeps telling me that he wants an xbox!

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    My brother works in Game and they often discount consoles when a new version/edition comes out so it may be possible to pick up a previous version a bit cheaper, ebay normally have people selling off bundles that can include a number of games and accessories such at controllers that could be helpful as well if you don’t mind going the pre-owned route but understand this can feel difficult for Christmas presents.

    My son seems to have moved on from consoles at the moment in favour of Fortnite on the PC so its V-Bucks and gaming laptop/accessories this year but that isn’t looking any cheaper.

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    Saturday is a can be abit lonely but we head to park after lunch and take our snacks and tea. We head home around 4 ish after a lovely relaxing time and what’s great is  there are people that know us now  and they are so friendly . It’s nice as we haven’t spent any money .

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    I’m a single mum of 2 (7 & 11) ad work 40 hour weeks. I have no one to help me as there Dad moved over a hour away from them and lost his licence to drink driving. I am in a relationship but still feel extremely lonely as I don’t think anyone gets the complete feeling of being stuck when you literally just have no options for even meanal tasks like wanting to go to the toilet on your own. I feel resentful most of the time to my partner because he can do what ever he wants, I cant. Sounds selfish I’m sure but I don’t mean it like that I just wish my ex was a good dad who pulled his weight.

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    I’ve only just joined but I am pleased to know I’m not the only one who feels alone.


    I separated from my partner 3 months ago just before my little ones 1st Birthday. It’s been a tough few months of mind games and trying to get into a new routine just when I think I’m settled he moves the goal posts and something new kicks off.


    I’m sick of living in fear and feel I have nobody I can talk to for fear of things getting back and making things worse. Currently got the stress of mediation to deal with too. Anybody else going through anything similar?

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    Hello 👋


    I too have just joined theforum. Although it’s sad to hear others talking like this, it’s reassuring that I am not alone.


    Best wishes and hope that tomorrow brings us all some 🌞

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