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    Hi all. Today has given me a boot up the backside to do something about my situation. I have felt so low all day. I’m a single parent to a 12 year old and he is at that stage where he’d just rather mope about in his room or watch TV than make conversation with me. I tried talking to him today about it but he got upset. I don’t want to burden him with “you’re all that I have” but Christmas is just so awful when you’re by yourself. Sadly my parents died many years ago so I don’t have anyone to make a fuss of me or lend me a sympathetic ear.
    I’ve read a few posts on here and have to agree. Not ONE of my friends understands how depressing it is when you’re alone and trying to ‘make merriment’. I guess Christmas just puts things under the spotlight a bit doesn’t it. Everywhere I look people are playing fun family games, taking part in old family traditions, unwrapping thoughtful gifts from their family and sharing the burden of cooking/cleaning/wrapping/present buying etc. I know it’s important in this day and age to be open about things but I don’t feel like I should have to text my friends and point out that it would occasionally be nice if they texted me first 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know they’re busy just doing the family thing but most people genuinely don’t ever think about ‘that’ friend that could be struggling.
    Sorry to moan. I know there are people all over the world having an awful Xmas but I’ve just had a really low day and can’t see a way to shake this feeling. 😢

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    Hi ,I feel like you ,but I have 2 kids 11 and 6 ,they can’t play together because it is all the time something wrong ,

    I feel so lonely and crying all the time when they fighting together.

    I don’t have any more friends and family.

    I understand how you feel, I think we need new friends in this same situation what we are ,because they can understand.

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    Andrew uk

    Hello. Reaching out to you. Message me for a chat. Not sure how you can stop them fighting. Take them out for a walk, family games together, trip to the cinema….

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    Good afternoon, so my little one has been off for 10 days now and we have been out every day enjoying ourselves !

    The holidays are  what you make of it . I am not interested in what my relatives are doing and what the cats has eaten for dinner .I drew up a time table and have stuck to it . Someday s I have spent money and other days I have taken a picnic and gone looking for wild life !

    I spoke to my relative today and have decided that I will save and take my child away for the Christmas holidays from next year .I amnot sitting around to see if I can get a offer . reminisce ing yesterday I use to have 20 people over on Christmas day!

    • Anyway on the positive side we have had a great holiday so far . The church service was lovely today because the children brought in their present s for other kids to play with. Just so though tful and sweet .
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    I alos have 2 children a boy 11 and a girl 7 -so know how you feel – you are not alone

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    I know how you feel. I have 2 girls still home and am a single dad. My 25yr old daughter is special needs and stays in her room most the day on her Switch and my 16yr old girl stays in her room talking to her bf all day and when I ask her to something she gets upset and yells. She is getting help from CAMHS but not helping her anger issues.

    Yesterday, Christmas Day, I had plans on all 3 of my girls (I have a 19yr old who doesn’t live with me anymore but not far away and is 17 weeks pregnant) and having Christmas dinner together. Was having a little trouble cooking as Christmas Eve top element on oven quit working so had to take alot longer cooking. My two youngest girl’s mama knew all three girls were going to be at mine and I was cooking a big dinner (ended up spending nearly 10 hours cooking) so she decided to call and ask the girls to come over (after not saying a word to them in a few months). BUT.. she didnt invite my 25yr old (again) so ended up being just the two of us..and today.. she did it again after I made plans to do dinner today..

    Now, being alone is a HUGE PAIN and I know it. My partner passed away 2 years ago from breast cancer and she was a great mama..my girls loved her like a mama. Moving on is hard but getting there.

    Have you contacted CAMHS about your son? They can work wonders if you get them young.

    Good luck and hope your Christmas was still good though.

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    Replying to original post

    Just joined and saw your post. Although I have family I still feel lonely in a crowded room at Christmas. My son is 15 and it’s the first year that all those magical Christmas moments arent there anymore.  It’s left me feeling empty.

    I also struggle with friends as none of them are in the same situation. Long story but we live in an annexe at my parents so I have constant company but finding it harder and harder. Plus not great for privacy even if I found a date! 😂 There’s been a lot of illness in the house this year and it’s got me down.

    I rarely have anyone just to go for a coffee with or ask how I am.

    Don’t be alone. Im trying to figure out where life should go this year so maybe it will be better this time next year for all of us! Sending hugs

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    Hello, I’m new to this website but straight away there’s someone in the same boat as me! And the people who have replied. I’ll be honest I just want a friend! Or friends even! There’s no groups near me so if anyone in Manchester (I’m near the Trafford centre) knows of meet ups or even if a few people want to meet for a coffee or something for the love of god tell me! Haha Please!!

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