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    Im a lonely single mum in Nottinghamshire. My eldest daughter has just moved out so is just my 12 year old son. My son can be a handful and some days can be a real battle. I often feel like I’m the only one who ‘gets him’ if that makes sense. There is no dad on the scene as he committed suicide when my eldest was 11 and youngest 5. I constantly find myself questioning everything I do as a parent esp thinking if I’m doing enough to promote the things for them their dad would have wanted. It’s just really me and my son. I home school too after he was bullied quite badly. He’s being assessed for autism and awaiting a referral for CAMHS as there are questions over him having social anxiety as result of bullying. I never get a break (which I actually don’t mind too much) but we also have no friends. I feel so very lonely most of the time and often wish I had friends I could chat too. I constantly feel drained and miserable. 

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    are there any local support groups for parents with children for autism, they might have sessions you could attend where he and you can meet and interact with others who empathise and can offer friendship and support.


    sending love

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