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    Hi. Just thought I’d put a message on here to see if anyone notices. I’m a single mum with a one year old. She keeps me very busy during the day and every day has its new challenges as she is nearly 2 so get several tantrums a day! But feel very lonely at night and weekends when I don’t have her. I find it difficult meeting new people and making friends. Just don’t really k ow which way to turn at times as I feel I exclude myself from things and find that I’m becoming very isolated. Without my daughter I feel vulnerable and really anxious. Finances aren’t great either so I can never afford to do much

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    Hello Bongo2390, just to let you know your post was noticed and I remember the “terrible two’s passage of time quite well”. Getting out and about when feeling like you do seems to be the norm along with the emotions attached, but it is important to try and make a start and find your self something to add to your week, I know and remember it well. Trying something new or going back to something you used to do will help and over a short time your focus on it will just develop….. and you shouldn’t feel guilty for trying and before long you will have fun. Yes I know sometimes it is just easier not to and that becomes the norm, which is difficult to break out of, have you checked if there is a Gingerbread group close by or what kind of things would you like to be doing in the space which you have available?

    Dad of two noticing your post

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    Hi Bongo,

    I noticed. I know how you feel.

    While I’m newly a single mum (6weeks) to my now 4 month old I keep busy with activities in the day… but the evenings, that’s where I break.

    I miss the hugs, the comfortable silence, the chats about a programme we’ve watched, planning for the future.

    Being on maternity leave means I meet a lot of people in the daytime who support me, but on evenings you’re on your own.

    Are there any local groups you could go to with your kid? I found I was so ashamed I didnt tell anyone my husband had left me (who leaves their 3 month old baby unless the mum was horrendous) but since I’ve told people I do feel better when I’m in groups

    You did great reaching out on here, you can reach out in person. Theres no shame in being a single parent, you are amazing and strong x


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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