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    I feel like the worst mum today.

    i have two children (5&7) who rarely see their dad. I get very little time to myself because their dad doesn’t want much contact.

    Today I realised how lonely I am. I love going to work but the weekends are lonely. I take the kids to lots of places and we do lots of fun things but I still feel alone.


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    Hi Lauren what area are you in?I feel like that quite a few days. My girls dad lives overseas so he never sees them but my parents have the girls 1-2 times a month for a sleep over and are always around keeping us company/doing things with us. But once the girls are asleep i find myself playing on my phone…need more motivation to print out their pictures or something

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    Hi Lauren

    I feel the same, have a 5 year old who rarely sees his dad at all so in a similar situation.

    It doesn’t sound like you are the worst mum, sounds like you are doing everything for your children and giving them a fun time.

    I know it is hard and lonely but sounds like you should also be very proud of yourself for doing it all on your own.

    Not sure what to suggest about the loneliness, I wonder if the way society is with expectations of the perfect family unit it just is very isolating to be a lone parent.

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    Hey similar situation. My sons Dad not interested n never will be he said so yeah its tough. Glad i have brill family but yeah the evenings are lonely. Sometimes im too tired i fall asleep not long after my son goes to bed others i sit just going on my phone, Facebook, this.

    Not much to do hey. Although its my sons birthday in 2 months so i probs be online looking at stuff to buy and i also want to get some different wall stickers for his room as it looks a little plain and we need to upgrade from Winnie the Pooh. Plus im about to renew my tenancy on house for 12months so I can probs paint his room and make it more colourful

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    Lauren, that makes you a great mum, not the worst one. You soldier on, doing your best for your girls and putting them first.

    I’m like you, I enjoy my job and I try to fill my son’s days, but once he’s asleep I struggle. It’s easier in the summer, but darker evenings don’t help.

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    Yes the dark evenings aint the best at all hey. I love the summer, light early and till about 9/10 sometimes after tea i pop out to shop or little walk down road but in the dark wont be doing that.

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    I feel the same your doing a great job with 2 kids,I feel  lonely and worthless  at times. feeling sorry for myself. but I’m proud of what I’m achieve with my boy seeing him happy x

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