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    Hey guys! I get really lonely sometimes , I date on Saturdays when my daughter is with her dad but it’s not enough.

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    I’m a single dad and know exactly how you feel – its a real struggle going from being with someone all the time to being on your own.

    I don’t have loads of friends but even thats not the same.


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    Hi Evie,

    Can you not fit in more time with your date when your little one is in nursery or school?

    Dating while being a single parent is always a bit of a juggle until you get to the point in a relationship where you feel ok about introducing the kids.


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    I’ve not even tried, I think with my 2 year old the weekends I have him I must spend every minute with him and not leave him with my parents and then the weekends I don’t have him I spend catching up on house stuff so don’t believe I have time to date. I too do feel lonely though especially when he’s not with me.

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    I don’t try either. Had a couple of negative experiences so will leave it until son is 18.

    Only 7 years to go 😁

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    Hi all, can’t comment on dating cause everyone has their own experiences and I’ve had both good and bad.

    As far as loneliness is concerned though check out the Friday night social thread.  A few of us are working on trying to address the loneliness aspect as It probably applies to many people whereas for lots of the recently separated, dating can be last thing on mind.

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    I don’t want to date, im recently single my ex has already moved on and introduced a new man to our kids lives, I live in kent, 250 miles from where im from, so no friends or family down here for support, no outlet to vent, anyone whos feeling lonely looking for a friend, message me I could do with someone to talk to so much right now

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    Currently not dating (had no offers as yet!) I don’t have as much free time as I thought 😀

    Please have a look at the thread friday night social. It’s got a a great following and its perfect for majority of us who can’t go out for various reasons.

    It will be a laugh and you wont even need to go out

    Take care

    Sue 😀


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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