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    Hi everyone

    just need to vent again.  Been so hard this Christmas first one with out him.  My best friend hasn’t been supportive not heard from her invited her over but she was too hungover.  I have my mum but feel awful keep going on to her because it stresses her out.  But just feel so lonely I have the 3 kids they don’t want to sleep over at there dads so he saw them Christmas morning and for a little bit Boxing Day.  He is having them for the day tomorrow he said he was out with friends the last two days so me being nice said you don’t have to have them today but turns out he was just relaxing at home.  The kids are fighting all the time and just won’t leave me alone for 5 min my 2 year old just wants to be near me all the time.  Which I’m grateful for but it can be draining.  And all this makes me so angry with him for leaving I mean he wasn’t a hands on dad anyway and through our bad time we checked out of the marriage and with the kids so I’ve been practically a single parent anyway.  Just actually being on my own and how can he just walk away like and leave like that.  I mean we had been together 17 years and you do drift apart it isn’t the same as when you first met the stress of kids work and life and all other problems. But I didn’t think it was that bad that it would warrant leaving.  It’s like he can’t handle family life and wants to be free and single again.  And to top it off his had changed his Facebook status to single which too me shows what he is thinking.  He friend has just split from

    his wife and he seems to be coping him and doing everything he is doing.   Ahh it’s all a mess just wish I could stop feeling so shit all the time.  Sorry for going on just feel like I needed to get it off my chest and have no one to turn too.

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    Think I know a little of how you must be feeling. You’re not alone, if that helps. I had been with my ex for a good 20 years and of course the relationship had changed over that time. I gave up work to concentrate on the kids while his career soared. But when he walked out, that was it. No real contact with the kids since then. I can’t get my head around the fact that he doesn’t want to see them. I love them to bits, I know I should be grateful that I don’t have to share them with him – but sometimes it just is so hard and so overwhelming. I’m not close to my family, don’t have friends. This is the most I’ve vented about it. Take care, happy to read if you want to vent. Sure helps me to know it’s not just me

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    Thank you bluecloud and Jessica Jones your right it’s nice to know im

    not the only one but sad at the same time. It’s the letting go part I’m finding hard and just don’t want to feel stuck forever but suppose I have to give it time.  Thank you for reply it means so much.

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