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    I feel pathetic writing this but I am so lonely. I have no friends, I only work 3 hours a day and my daughter spends all her time in her room.  I’m nearly 40, I split with my partner a few months ago, it was what we both wanted but I just feel so so alone.

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    Hi Max sMum,

    Your post made me feel so upset for you! You’re totally not pathetic!! The loneliness is really awful sometimes.I have friends but ppl are busy and I don’t like to hang on to ppl if you know what I mean,so I often don’t speak to them for long periods.At least on here we can be lonely together😂which takes the sting out a little.It might be a good time to take up something you love but you haven’t really had time to do for years.My son has started keyboard lessons but I’ve decided I want to do that so when I’m lonely I’ll practise and it takes my mind off things I hope you come up with something that helps.


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    hi welcome. feel free to message anytime.

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    Hi Maxsmum,

    You are not pathetic. Lots of people feel lonely, life is sometimes hard and things get thrown at us that we didn’t expect. I often feel lonely too.

    Is there anything you feel good doing? Yoga? Baking? A favourite tv show? What I find helps is organising a schedule to my day and making sure you put in the thing that makes you happy every day, at least once so I have it to look forward to.

    And feel free to connect, to message people here (i’m happy to chat). But whatever happens don’t be hard on yourself and don’t call yourself pathetic for just having normal feelings.x

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    Hi maxsmum, I am lonely to, we crossed 2 lockdown in 2 different countries and my boy is getting 1 y old next San valentine’s Day. I am single mum, and I am struggling to let him socialize, actually just seeing other faces…he just have seen myself… 🙁 Totally understand you.

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    Its a tough time at the moment even going to work is a lonely experience

    But you definitely shouldn’t feel pathetic for it

    Things will get better but i fear it’s a while away yet

    Keep your chin up message me if you want to


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