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    Hi, Im single parent to 1 child whos dad passed away , i moved away and have no frienfriends and havnt beennwith any one for years, i hate the fact my child has no brothers and sisters and feel guilty all the time , due to me not having friends my child has not alot , i dont knownwhat to do as i just feel were gettinf more more distent , alots been going on and works crap I feel like i have no support and feel so crap

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    Hi Khello, I hope you are ok.

    It can feel never-ending, I know. How old is your little one?

    my son doesn’t have brothers or sisters either. It just worked out that way. But I make sure he spends lots of time with other kids. Play dates, swimming or just the park. He is a happy little boy so it doesn’t have to be a problem.

    Maybe your child doesn’t have a big family but that means you can give him more of your attention, and have more money to spend on building a happy life. They’ll have friends at school every day and a mum who loves them when they get home.

    What about you? Do you have a job? Just someone to pass the time of day with, will help.

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    Hi Khello

    I’m Justine from Gingerbread.  I can hear that you are in a low place.  I am glad you have had the strength to reach out to other parents in our online community.  The can be very supportive indeed.  I will be sending you a personal message which will have some signposting options for you.  I hope you feel able to carry on chatting with the other parents here on the forum.

    Take care


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    Hi my childs secoundry school age , i do work but that due to end soon just bit crap time , i do feel ok but sime days not but still go on like u do but i have been so reluctant to get help.my mum passed away before i had my child as well

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