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    I’m 32 been married for 10 years divorced now with 3 children 14,12 and 7.

    single now for a few years and I keep getting into the wrong relationships i seem to attract the same narcissistic type of man! I give them everything and they always just do me over in one way or the other . Leaves me in bits.

    ive decided to keep away from men and focus on myself but I haven’t got many friends I have a kiddie free weekend every other and I have no one to go and have fun with even the kiddie weekends gets a bit boring on your own all the time if I make some new friends I won’t need to focus on men! Just want to enjoy life with my children and friends x


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    There is an app called meet ups   where you can find groups who are inrested in something you may be interested in.  Its good and you never kmow you may meet someone through these groups. I am not yet pretty much hitting the single thing soon and feel lonely already.

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    I’m slightly older than you but if you are near me, I would love to meet up.

    Have only joined Gingerbread recently and this is the first time I’ve been on the website.  I’m hopeful on meeting people too.



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    aw thank you for the reply I certainly have a look at the app. It’s not as scary as you think we are independent beautiful women just incredibly lonely x 

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    Similar here left an 8 year dv rel with a two year old back in Aug/sept, only been set up in my new flat (have had to stay with family but they are now 45 mins away) for a few days but loneliness is hitting hard!

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    Its a tricky one, I live near my family who are great, and with my 15 year old son who is  as I know you will all understand my world. But as he needs me less, I feel netfix is becoming my only friend. Its hard  as single childless friends are out and about and couples although best intentions you don’t want to third wheel,  n<span style=”font-size: 16px; line-height: 1.5;”>ever thought I’d miss the school gate scene, but I do. Good luck maybe an email penfriend club , unless we can meet up, keep on keeping on.</span>



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    Ah I know I have an amazing family but they can only do so much and yes it’s me always on me lonesome… ha and yes Netflix and murder documentaries are my life ! Oh god don’t say about the school runs I’ve got another few years of them yet I can’t imagine life without it lol!

    I understand though my boys just do their own thing and the weekends I don’t have them I just wish for them to come back to cute the boredom !

    I was just looking at holidays and might take the plunge and take them abroad on me Larry this year !  Why not hey x


    where Bouts are you from ? X

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    • Hi mummy Mel, I live in the metropolis that is Peterborough. A small Finland city with a cathedral. I’m 42 and a half, getting fatter and more cynical by the day. Got to keep my sense of humour because my stunning good looks, cute baby faced boy and financial status are fading fast !


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    Haha love it ! Not getting any younger are we I’m sure you are bloody gorgeous as long as we got our humour what more do we neeeed ! Xx

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    I’ve just registered to late to the party a little.  I really struggle when my kids are away too.  I have limited friends so end up spending a lot of time on my own or ill meet my mum.  I’ve watched so many box sets on Netflix its unreal.  Some weekends i don’t even get dressed.  I’m better on days when I’ve had to take them to school and have to go back and pick them up, so i get out to the shops etc.  I find this time of year hard as the weather doesn’t help. I have tried joining groups on meet ups but always end up with the wrong group.  I’m 40 and everything i join seems to be full of retired people or people who want to meet on regular days when i have my children. Even someone at church mentioned that i seem to enjoy hanging out with the old folk – haha, i don’t mind but its not a conscious choice.

    I noticed a lot of couple friends stopped inviting me out with them when i became single, unless they are going on a girl’s night out.  Those night outs aren’t often and sometimes i have to decline if its my weekend with the children.  It then becomes a bit of a cycle where you stop getting invited. I have probably one single friend who i see occasionally when our children are at a club together and another 2 couple friends – one i see at church only and another at church and school so we sometimes meet up as the children are close friends.  We sometimes have a coffee after school drop off.  My children seem at the age when a lot of the parents have gone back to work, and i only do the school run a couple of times a week.  One of the classes has a what’s app group for the mums and we have been out a couple of times but again, i have had to decline a few outings due to my weekend with the children.  I feel its my responsibility to make my social activities on days they are at their dad’s, which was great when he had them every other weekend but nor he works weekends so has them in the week to cover my work days meaning I’d have to go out on a work night which is just not going to happen.  My mum would have them but i don’t want to be asking every other week even for her to have them over night as they’ve only just come back from their dad’s and i feel its too much.

    i don’t think people pick up on how lonely it can be -usually ho lucky i am to have the children sleep over at their dad’s regularly meaning child free nights!!  They don’t seem to understand that regularly not seeing your children isn’t as fun as it looks, and mummy guilt kicks in.  I have some friends that do facebook posts about being depresssed and lonely and missing the kids etc, but i can;t be doing with the drama and don’t publicly want to say ‘I’m lonely here !’.

    Not sure what the answer is.  Parenthood is a good box set (on DVD) to binge watch, eat crap and cry to!!!



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    Hello I don’t get thetchoice of weekends free but do get some opportunities to have a “grandma pass-out” 😁 so if you are local to me please keep in touch and maybe we can get a group of us together. K

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    I feel like that to but I am lucky to get a break on fridays

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