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    Hi I’m 32 years old. Living in Bucks. I’ve been a single parent for 4 years. I have 2 children who I love dearly. 10 year old girl and a 8 year old boy.

    The children see their Dad when I’m only at work, which is part time. I rarely go out because I do have my children so no time to socialise. But when I do go out it’s to be with my friends down the local pub. My children are my life and world.

    I can’t help sometimes why no man seems to be interested in me or if there is something wrong with me? I have been struggling with depression and loneliness. Seeing happy familes whilst I’m out with the children or when on social media being happy with their partners and loved ones. I think why I can’t have that?

    Everytime I do get close to someone they just seem to disappear. I do concentrate on the children and enjoying seeing them growing up. But I would love to happy with someone.

    Anyone can get where I’m coming from? Or am I being stupid? Anyone else know how to tackle loneliness and boosting self confidence?

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    seeing others have what you want and asking why you can’t have it, I think is quite normal. I’m only at the start of the journey and often think the same. It feels unfair.

    are you close enough to your friends to talk about your self confidence? You could ask them why they have you as a friend. Their responses may throw light on the things about you you have forgotten.

    you have put your children at the centre of your world which is something we all do. If there is something I am trying to learn, and advice I have been given by others, is that you do need some time for yourself. Would your children’s dad have the children a bit more? Or do you have other support? This would allow you to focus on you and get to know the things you love about yourself

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    I understand exactly what you are feeling. Have you thought about widening your experiences?? For example, some local volunteering? Getting involved in any local community groups?? You can sometimes be very flexible in what you give, and meet different people from all backgrounds

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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