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    I am a single mum to a teenage boy and my son is now going out in the evenings (during the holidays) on his friends which leaves me at home feeling lonely and sad!

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    I’m sorry you say you are lonely and sad.It’s hard.

    At the same time it’s normal for your son to go out with his friends.Would you really want him to stay at home and keep you company? That’s not normal or natural or fair.And I’m sure he’s lovely but anyway after a bit wouldn’t you find a teenagers company a little….well…young? Better if you’re busy or find an interest or company of your own whatever that is.

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    Hello Sas4711,

    ah, all the benefits of having a teenage child. Hotel Mama or Papa it is called so true. Every other rejection I had in my life seemed to be a marriage proposal in the light of how me teenage son treats me. But that is how they grow up. If we were medieval Kings we would be advised not to eat our food before someone else trying it beforehand because of the danger of poisoning by our own offspring. So be happy and start your own life of which he will surely disapprove as well with

    A: I don’t like him,

    B: You spent too much money

    C: You don’t have enough time to cook properly any more

    D: It is all about you, you don’t love me


    So show him the middle finger and get on the dance floor.

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    Hi , I am lone parent of a teen girl too. I do feel lonely when she is out . I am happy that she goes out with her friends.

    What I have done now is have a definitely a ME TIME!! I do my DIY facials and mani/pedi. , Catch up with my binge watching of my series. Call my friends who I haven’t for a long time.


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