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    I am currently going through a break up although I have felt alone for a while I am really starting to struggle with feeling lonely now.
    my kids are my world and I do everything possible for them, I feel like I’m failing as I don’t have much money spare and I work and also do part time college, I’m constantly juggling things and don’t have many friends or people I confide in.
    I feel like I’m struggling with a lot of things. I’m aware many people may feel the same but I feel u have no one to talk too


    has any one any advice on coping with these sorts of pressures?

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    Hi I am a single dad to a 8 yr old daughter and I wase in the same place so when I wase not working I whent out for a walk with my daughter park swimming bike ride I am doing a lot more now with my daughter you life will get better

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    I’m similar to Paul63, single father to 7yr old. Work full time.

    Personally, I focus on time management and consistent routine. After a while things fall into place.

    Don’t have much time for friends or people to confide in either but I’m in the mindset that I’ll meet someone in the same situation one day while out with my son.

    Keep faith and in time things will fall into place. It will all be worth it. 😊

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    Well, I ought to be in similar situation except that I am naturally an introvert. I tend to enjoy my own company more. I don’t feel the pang of loneliness too much. I am busy at work majority of the time. Colleagues always around to talk to whenever I feel the need.

    You will be fine eventually. Do you attend a local church?

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    Hi I am sorry you feel so lonely. Most of the planet feels that way, statistics say. The way the world is designed, it breeds loneliness.

    Im never bored but I can be lonely at times too, simply being surrounded by people who really are nothing like me. My advice is prayer and a really fun hobby,until something changes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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