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    What do others do in the evenings to stop themselves feeling lonely and overthinking about things?



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    I get the essential oils out and use a burner which is on the cooker out of little hands reach .

    Sometimes I burn frankincense if I’m feeling a bit down . I got some gum resin abroad and burn that on a charcoal block.  Also oils like lavender are therapeutic in hot bath. Last week I got a smudge stick and have cleansed my home of negativity . Hope it’s worked because I feel much calmer

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    Watch a movie works well with me helen

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    Hi Helen, a nice pedicure or a good book ☺️

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    • Hi first time user here, wow i can  relate to lonely i’ve just decided i like this place already. Yes i agree with the t.v reply what else to do unless you have the energy after a full day to clean
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    The worst times for me were when my lad was young and we would go away for weekends to holiday camps, I’d let him stay up later but at some point we would have to go back to the caravan or chalet, we would leave all the ‘families’ and couples and head back, I’d put him to bed and then think what the hell do I do now for the next 4 hours until it’s time for my bed. For me it was a good book, I’d just sink into that fictional world, it doesn’t always work but kills time.

    More recently we would do jigsaws, I’d get him to do the outside edge and maybe some easier inner pieces, I’d do some after he went to bed which he was chuffed to see in the morning and often encouraged him to do some himself, the only downside was that he insisted on doing the last pieces.

    From what I’ve read here I’d say to pamper yourself, do whatever makes you feel human, a long hot bath, manicure your nails, just do something purely for you. Cook something special for yourself. Watch a film wrapped up in your comfy clothes.

    After a while it changes, you will meet someone who hopefully will fill your headspace in a good way. The children grow and stay up later so you’ll get less evening to get through because your enjoying their company


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    Varies really. My son goes to bed 8.30 and it depends how tired i am. Sometimes im in bed straight after. Sometimes i watch tele, do a wash load, tidy round. Other night i cleaned kitchen cupboards ahha

    I nose on my phone online, facebook, this site, online shopping. Sometimes i feel so tired and dazed i just sit there staring into space


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    On my evenings i normally put a film on after work(getting in late from restaurant) and try to keep my mind from thinking negatively in my spare time(which is not very much) i go fishing aslong as i keep myself busy i find i dont think about the past

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