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    Hi all, new to this whole thing so please bare with me!

    I’m a single mum, with a 14 month old and currently pregnant too. I’m living in Lincolnshire so in the countryside so hardly any groups to be involved in. I’ve tried attending groups before and always found that most of the people attending are already friends and in “groups” so felt very isolated and eventually stopped going.

    I have next to no friends due to a very controlling and manipulative ex partner but thankfully I’ve managed to leave that situation. But rekindling old friendships has become near impossible.

    Any body got any suggestions? I feel very alone a lot of the time. I do take my 14 month out to soft play but always feel anxious about it as I tend to be the only one who’ there alone, although I tend to just go and play and focus on my child.


    Many thanks! :).

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    I’m so sorry to hear you’re finding it difficult to make friends.

    Have yout tried pre-natal classes? You might meet a single mum. Netmums has also an option for location. Perhaps a play date with your 14 month old? There also some gyms with crèche; not sure if they will have classes suitable  for pregnant women but it might be worth asking.

    What about work? You don’t have any colleagues from your previous jobs? Are you new to the area? Would you consider relocating near to your family?

    Hope you meet someone soon. Take care of yourself!



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    Hi there, I feel for you. I’ve never made friends easily and I relied too heavily on my wife making friends for the both of us before she left me. Being stuck at home with the kids every evening doesn’t help either.

    You said you have next to no friends, does that mean you have one or two? Are they not very close? I’ve found that being prepared to be vulnerable and tell people what you’re going through and how you feel has really helped me recently. People that I would have only called acquaintances have gone out of their way to offer me support, bring me food and keep me company when I’m low. You soon discover who are true friends if you’re prepared to be open about your struggles.

    Hope this is helpful. Loneliness can be devastating, don’t feel embarrassed about it. Have you considered seeking counselling? It could really help you to move forward by helping you to identify proactive steps you can take.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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