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    Hello all,

    I’m having a hard time making a decision on this: my parents , who are 65 and 76 , offered to move in with me and my daughter for the time being. This would mean I wouldn’t be able to send my daughter to creche anymore for a while. But that we wouldn’t be so alone and without a support network around us. My support network at the moment is very small , just one friend who lives nearby and is also a single mum. The lockdown caught me without having had really developed a bigger or more diverse network, and I feel very scared and anxious about something happening to me, coping with work and my daughter and just in general being on our complete own, on my complete own with a 3 year old.
    she recently started school and is loving it, I can see how much she needs and wants to be with other children, having said that I’m not sure how long crèches will even stay open. If my parents come, I will feel a bit more supported and not alone, but my daughter won’t be able to go to creche and we will all need to be extra cautious, I don’t know how to decide on this one. I feel hopeless and like We’re going to be on our own forever.

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    Hi there

    It is no surprise that cases are rising due to everything re-opening again. It’s normal to worry about everyone.

    Have you considered forming a bubble with your other mum friend? It may be the best option if you are keen for your daughter to continue with creche 😀

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    My parents are in their late 60s I’m a single mum of 2. Life just feels so lonely at the minute . With the first lock down my parents had the children up to that point as I was working so we moved in with them straight away . We moved back home in August as my sister had a house renovation So she moved in with them   . The children and I are in a school environment Now  and it worries me when I go and see them .  my mum is back out doing things and keeping her distance and has also said to me she would rather see us all than to not see us and she would rather take that risk as we are her happiness and she would be sad without us  . So if your parents have offered to move in and come and support you it’s because they want to and if u want them to be there as well . With regards to the 3 year old there is a choice she doesn’t officially have to attend school and she will be ok . As a lot of children will all be faced with this . Or she can carry on going as they say it’s less risk in the young . Just look at what is priority right now . A daughter needs a happy mum more than anything and mums it’s ok not to be ok accept family help xx

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    I have looked after my daughter with no help and she has had 100 percent attenandance apart from a runny nose since this panademic. I have never stopped work NG. My daughter is fine, safe and happy at school and home.  I have not worried about anything and have just got on with it!

    Your parents want to help you and that is what loving parents do for their children , covid or not. I suggest you take them up on offer as it will benefit you all.

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