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    Ex area is in local lockdown and the kids live/school majority with me 1 hour away (not in lockdown). Am I safe to say they should continue to go to him for the alternate weekend during this time providing he follows rules and doesn’t take them into others homes etc ?

    family and friends gleefully tell me oh he won’t be able to have them but they do not  research like I do and all want one up. I am trying very hard to be balanced and sensible and it appears there is not too much advice about children moving between homes when one area locked down and one not


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    I decided, the last thing the children want in the long run is not to see their mother. So my priority was to make it possible they can see her. And the guidances are, it should not be used as a means of restricting contact between parents and children. Which is quite obvious. So in my opinion it isn’t much of a question. As long as there is no immediate danger for the children, contact with the other parent comes on top of the list and everything else has to fit in with lower priority. And so we handled it.

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    Absolutely agree with sirtobi, the lockdown should not be used to prevent children having access to other parent. Nor should other parent use this as a tool not to return the children to you on time. It works both ways and so long as you have this mutual agreement/respect the children benefit

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    Hi there

    Here is a link to our Corona Response page.  Information is changing at a fast rate both nationally and locally but hopefully this will provide you with the right information so you can make an informed choice.

    Kind regards, Justine

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    Thanks all

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