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    Hello everyone. Just recently split up, still living under one roof and its a nightmare. I’m viewing a few houses on Monday (tomorrow) and hope one of them can be our new home. However, the first start is extremely not easy, as you all know. I don’t have any savings obviously, tried many banks for a loan to get me started but couldn’t get… Don’t ask, it’s just another long story… But make a long story short I need money urgently. And not only for the deposit, but few quids extra to start off new life, like mattresses, plates, pots, pillows, etc… as I leave as I stand and no family or friends around to help me. As mentioned above no bank or credit union can help me. The only option I see is those so-called payday loans. Yes, I know how expensive they are and how badly it affects credit score and etc but guys is there something else I can do? If you know someone or something or even already used this type of loan service and can recommend or advise on in, please, I need your help. Thank you

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    For the basic household stuff, try charity shops, free cycle, local council furniture refurb projects etc.

    why can’t you take half of what you currently use?

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    Hi Vegga

    Thank you for posting here on the forum.  You are speaking about an issue that can effect many other single parents.  I would suggest that you call our Single Parent Helpline as they may have suggestions for other options that you can try.

    Wish you well, Justine

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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