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    Hi all!

    I decided to take a loan to cover some of my 2-year-old childcare fees.

    I find gov help useful but limited (I am using all available options) when it comes to covering the childcare costs that a full-time working parent should pay monthly. Makes sense to me because I can continue working, and will pay off the loan over time. This way I can spread the payments over 6 years and have enough cash to cover monthly expenses.

    Have you ever tried to borrow (like friend’s money, credit card, anything else) to cover the childcare costs???


    Knowing I am not the only one out there would boost my confidence….

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    hmmm looks like I am the only one :/


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    I highly doubt you are the only one, but it’s an absurd situation of course, having to take out a loan so you can go Work…

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    But why is it absurd? Would it be wiser to be unemployed and try to survive on universal credit?

    It is not a loan for work. It is a loan to afford childcare and have also enough monthly cash left over to afford food, bills, commute, mortgage.

    For me, working is not just a necessity because I simply do not have infinite savings; it is a no-brainer because if I stay out of the workplace now, it will be difficult to get any decent salary 2-3 years later.

    I mean… People take loans for cars or houses that they cannot afford in cash and they pay them in instalments for years.. That sounds to everybody logical. Or they take loans for holidays and weddings….

    So why a loan to spread the childcare fees is absurd?






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    No problems with a loan for childcare. Seems reasonable enough.  You got to do whats right for your own personal circumstances.  Are you the only one? No im sure theres lots of parents who have found that has worked for them. People take loans for many reasons.

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    Hi Sofia7

    If u are working you are entitled to 30 hours childcare. There is a breakfast and afternoon school options which costs extra money. Depdending on what your job it. If you could work within the hours of your child’s nursery operating time. You may be able to reduce the childcare cost.

    I have never heard of anyone taking out a loan to pay for childcare. It sounds like you are taking out for everyday living which many people has done. I have done this myself. We are all servants to someone. To the Government in the form of taxes, mortgage company, landlords, partners, education degree costs…

    Sofia7 you should not worry about anyone else. When you shut your front door of your accommodation, it is no one else’s business what happens inside. your personal matter. you have a child, you need to care for him or her. you have to do whatever you think is tight to survive. you are doing a good job.

    thanks Katherine,

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    Thank you for responding


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