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    Not an ideal situation I know. I work full time my daughter has just turned two and has been in full time nursery since 5months. Due to the current situation I am on furlough and my daughter hasn’t attended nursery. I am a single parent and live at home with my family. In total 7 of us in a four bedroom. My older brother suffers from autism and my younger brother has metal health problems. My sister is 14 and me and her used to share a room until I had my daughter. She know is with my parents, however my dad isn’t comfortable with this so he sleeps downstairs he is registered disabled as he had an accident many years ago which resulted in him having his hip replaced as he is sleeping downstairs this is causing him pain and discomfort he works full time and does shifts. During lockdown like a lot of people it has been very stressful and many arguments. I am in contact and have been in the local housing services however still living here two years after all this. I’ve heard before that’s it’s illegal for parents and children over a certain age to share rooms, the council are aware of all our situations. My mum had a really bad episode last year and because very depressed due to trying to make everyone happy and to have a better living arrangement. Since then it has improve but obvs there are some bad days. I just wanna know if there’s anyone in the same situations or has been In similar Situations. Thank you in advance and thank you for reading.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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