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    Just need to let some steam out

    So at the weekend my 5 and 6 year stayed over at their dad’s house as usual.

    My ex asked me on Friday if I could pick them up from school and drop them off. As he’d had root canal treatment on the Thursday and said he wasn’t feeling too great. So I agreed.

    My eldest son has a general moderate learning disability. And as he was coming out of school he was saying why is my mum here, where is daddy repeatedly until I was able to explain the situation. Anyhow I get them home to quickly get out of their uniform and my eldest son gets very upset saying he doesn’t want to go to dad’s, he cries all the way to his house. Cries at his dad’s house . But I know he’ll be fine once I’ve left.


    Sunday after I go to pick up the kids and my ex has them at the door ready to go.

    To me he looked hungover, as he looked hungover the following week. At the door my youngest son tells me that his brother had flooded the bathroom, to which my ex quickly says it doesn’t matter its all sorted.

    I get home and the boys tell me that their dad had people over drinking beer. They also told me that the bathroom was flooded as my eldest was playing in the bath and their dad was in bed. He had got up got the bath ready got the eldest in and then went back to bed.

    I was a bit concerned about the drinking as it was a big big problem when we were together but also concerned about the possibility of leaving our son the bathe by himself. So I sent my ex a message to just ask him if he could possibly not drink too much when having the boys but also asking him if he could possibly just stay with the boys while they bathe just because of the risk of drowning ect.

    He didn’t appreciate my message… He started saying that the boys say I don’t bath them at all, he said that I’m only seeking for a diagnosis for our eldest son that doesn’t exist because I can’t cope with his behaviour. And that the professionals were the ones who told him this.

    I explained that our eldest was diagnosed with a learning disability and that was officially diagnosed. I and the school believed that he had autism but that came back as a no. However the school would like me to seek a second opinion as we really thought that he was.

    Sorry just having a rant

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