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    is anyone groups petitioning the legal boards to change the divorce system in this country.  I am 2.5 years in process not finished yet some 50k in fees (and a 4 day final hearing yet to be billed for)  and probably won’t see the end of the tunnel until this time next year.  I know the legal board want to keep the barristers and solicitors pockets lined with hard earned cash from everyone else misery.  there should be a straight forward process particularly when mediation does not work.  I have been paying rent and mortgage for the last 2 years for both the places and am honestly just drained.   there is not going to be anything left for anyone as the narcissist is keen on full destruction.  Is anyone formed an action group .. a divorce should be done and dusted in 3 -5 months.. not 3 years.

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    Liane 245


    Im in the family courts and have been self representing since 2012 for better contact arrangements after a DV relationship.

    It costs me about £170 to file paperwork with the court but alot more money photo copying paperwork and having consultations with solicitors who more often than not can’t help.

    A few years ago I found a solicitor who stated £3000 fee just to go through my paperwork with no guarantee of applying to court.

    I was devastated. Went away and put all my emotional strength into exploring research surrounding contact orders with children.

    I made a failed self represented application in February this year.

    If i had a legal team I probably would have contested and presented the information differently but lack of legal understanding led me to the appeal court.

    That then led to further research and last month I finally received a legal aid application form from a law firm who believe my case has merit.

    Im currently waiting for a response from either them and or the appeal court.

    The legal processes within the family courts / county courts are exhausting and often seem unfair but unfortunately its not one size fits all.

    You cant go to a county court for theft or murder knowing that the longest sentence is and you may get as with the criminal law courts.

    You go there needy and thats what gets exploited.

    There are always others who don’t put effort in that come out laughing.

    We all start families with the best of intentions.

    Good luck.

    Hopefully it’ll be over for you soon enough.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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