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    I’m 17 and recently had a baby boy, the father left me when he was 3 days old after I told him I didn’t feel our relationship was the same as before. He had told me that he doesn’t want to see the baby unless we are together, I want what’s best for my baby but I honestly don’t know what to do :/ anyone have any advice?

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    Im not in the same situation, but why did the father leave you? I know you stated the relationship isnt the same, and that could be because its not as there is now another person. It will take time to get used to having a life with a baby and will take a few weeks for your emotions to get back to the way they where.

    If you feel your not happy been with the father, and the father does not want to see the child because of this, then i would not argue with the father nor be in a relationship to please him. You have to think about yourself and what you want. Obviously it would be great for the child to know his father, but if he does not want to know the child thats his choice. However, in years to come if he comes looking to see the child you will have to let him see it or he may take it to court. If you dont let him see the child, it will look bad for you.

    Hope this helps.


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    He’s upset and lashing out. You’re both understandably emotional. Don’t make any firm decisions yet. It will right itself in time either way. You’ve just had a baby, you’re young, your relationship is strained, that’s a lot of changes. Look after your baby, be kind to yourself. Don’t close the door on the baby’s Dad just yet. Parenting is a marathon not a race and you two are joined for life now through your baby, whatever you two decide between yourselves. Focus on getting through each day and savour every moment with your newborn. My marriage ended when my child was a baby and I missed so much because I was there everyday but I was preoccupied with the pain of a divorce/ arguing etc. Now looking back at photos I was there but I wasn’t if you get what I mean. You can’t get these early days back so savour them and focus on today for now. Give yourselves time to consider the future 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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