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    I have recently told my husband that our marriage is over. I intend to leave the marital home with our two children (I couldn’t afford the mortgage alone and do not wish to be financially reliant on him paying the mortgage for us).

    I am looking for advice on where to start with moving out. I do not have reliable work (I have been a stay at home Mum for seven years since our eldest was born) which means I would have to apply for Universal Credit. I have joined the council list but the application and bidding process is long and drawn out. Private renting seems a minefield and often states ‘no DSS’ etc. And anyway, how could I even start with renting when I have no money?! Can you start a claim for Universal Credit before you leave home so you have money when you move out?

    I just don’t know where to start! Any advice or experiences welcome!


    Thank you

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