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    I have been working for 6 years at my current job.Its physically hard with no table to sit at for lunch (not that realistically I am ever able to take one),as the work would just build up.I work with volunteers and no other staff, only on one day a week.

    There are many more aspects of the job that are physically hard on my back and knees. Add to this I don’t feel supported by the senior management and their incompetence has an effect on reflecting badly on me on occasions. There have also been demeaning and hurtful comments made.The stress of it all and the physical exhaustion leaves me feeling that I can’t be as good a mother as I’d like to be to my kids.

    I have spoken to my union who say raise a grievance but this is outcome based and really I just want to leave as opposed to staying as I feel the damage has already been done. I have been looking for other work and am also doing voluntary work which I hope may lead to paid work, so I feel hopeful that its only a matter of time before something drops (I have 2 interviews pending)

    I know the sensible thing to do would be to hang on until I find another job, but I feel too exhausted to apply half the time as this invariably involves tailoring each covering letter to each job and a degree of research involved to really do a good application. Ideally I would like to leave now and concentrate in earnest on a career change, but I am worried that I may be sanctioned for leaving a job and not qualify for UC or JSA if I do.

    Can anyone advise on whether they think the above constitutes a good enough reason for leaving? I will call DWP today but its good to hear personal experiences



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    Unless you have evidence to support the issues you’ve described, I can’t imagine they’d be accepted on your say so. Evidence could be GP letter, referral for back/knee pain, or evidence of mistreatment/ bullying.

    You could go to your GP and ask to be signed off due to stress, but this would only be a very short term solution and you’d effectively be on sick pay.

    If management and the culture at your workplace are that bad, I would strongly suggest you raise a grievance – not just for you but for other people who work there and might have experienced similar issues. You can still leave if the outcome isn’t satisfactory; your union should have been clear about that. Maybe have another chat with them.

    And it never hurts to talk to DWP, or even citizens advice.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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