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    Hi, I’m making positive new year plans to leave an abusive relationship.  I have two young children (one at nursery, one at school).  I am trying to understand the benefits system regarding childcare but am finding it really hard.  I have a 2 year old and trying to understand if I will be eligible for the free 15 hours a week childcare for 2 year olds. Does anyone know what the criteria is? The benefits calculator says I won’t but no idea why not, it doesnt explain.  Are there any tips on understanding and managing the system of childcare when you split up? Is one way better than another?  Seems to be childcare tax relief and something else? Any other help on benefits, and being single, and leaving an abusive relationship – anywhere else I should be looking for help. I have zero money but could move into a small flat that I currently rent out and is on a buy-to-let mortage, not strictly ok with mortgage company but think its my only option as I’m not on the deeds of the family home and we are not married.

    I don’t have a job yet but am applying, and hopefully will be 4 days a week.

    HELP! My mind is exploding.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

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    Thank you, I should have said, I have an IDVA and am linked in with services. Next step is solicitor visit in a few weeks. I would just like to understand the situaton better as its better to know than not. then you know what questions to ask.  And it gives hope to know where you’re going and what is going to happen. I don’t have any family, both parents died, no siblings, aunts or uncles alive. I am completely alone. And unfortunately the abusive relationship has meant a lot of friends have disappeared over the years, as well as a lot of moving due to his work and being from another country.  I need to have all the information at hand to make informed decisions for me and my children. That’s why I posted asking for advice on practical issues to do with single parenting and childcare.  Thank you for you reply.

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    Hi Iliketea

    Don’t forget that you can call our Single Parent Helpline.  Our advisers will be able to help our to explore your options.

    Good luck, Justine

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    Thank you both, had no idea about either, thanks a lot.

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