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    Hi, I’d like a bit of advice so if anyone can help please reply.

    I’m a single mother and work 22hours per week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I also get universal credit and Child maintenance.

    My parents currently keep my son when i go to work until I finish at 5, but our relationship is being effected by this because their old and its taking a toll on them. They have allowed a brother of mine (who i dont have a relationship with because he’s volitile and i dont agree with how he lives. I wont go to deep in to it.) To take my child on a few occasions for a break.

    I dread leaving my son now because I don’t feel he is save and my parents are dropping hints that its time to get a new sitter.

    I’m applying for other jobs and am due to start a classroom assistant course in September in the hopes I get a job working school hours.

    My question is this (finally) .. If the worst comes to the worst and I have to leave my current job before I have something else in place will I be sanctioned??

    Any advice appreciated!


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    Letty, is your child entitled to 15 hours free childcare yet? I found a childminder very close to my work so the number of hours I needed was as little as possible.

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    If you leave your job voluntarily, UC will ask the reasons why you left. It’s all about wording it right if you know what I mean 😉.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    He is 5 and going into P.2. The after schools club at his school don’t start till p.3. I’ll look into getting a child minder, I didn’t realise I would get help with paying. Thanks you 😀

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    Hi again,

    I just checked the online hmrc site and done the benefits calculator to see what help I could get with costs. They would pay £18 per week off what would be £90 per week child care. I only earn £178 and would be left £108 PW from my wages and £50 from uc. (£100 a fortnight)

    Is it worth it?? Fingers crossed I can just find a job asap and preferably in a school

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    Hello letty87

    Of course, it’s better to be sure about new job offer than leave your current job

    I think it’s better to think the other ways like finding someone else to look after your child.

    If you are sure about those job yes it’s logic

    Good look

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    Hi Letty87

    Its good to see you getting some responses from the parents here but with the current benefit situation, rules are changing all the time.  Our advisers on our helpline receive up to date training in this area.  I would suggest that for specific information you try contacting our helpline.  It will take time to get through but all calls are free.  Hopefully they will be able to give you some clarity.

    Hope that helps, Justine

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    Great Justine, I’ll call on Wednesday! Thank you

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