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    lexis dad

    i am wondering where i stand as yesterday i returned my daughter back to her mothers late by 2 hours.

    Currently i am going through the courts to gain full access to my daughters as i had a breakdown while living with my ex wife so in the last court hearing i miss understood the conditions of the order and was late to return my daughter to her mothers. i kept my ex updated throughout the day via email .and even emailed to let her know i was leaving blackpool to get my daughter back to her mothers. when i was almost at at my ex wifes house she phoned me telling me she had contacted the police and that i will be arrested, this conversation was overheard by my daughter in the car on hands free and this upset her.

    for the past 6 times i have had my daughter i have never returned late with her in fact always early and the last time i returned her and hour early.

    i am now worried the courts will take action against me at the next hearing

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    If this lateness issue is brought up in court, I think you should apologize and explain why. As you mention your usually on time or early, so hopefully it turns out ok. Is it a 2 hour drive?


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    lexis dad

    I live in Manchester I took my daughter to Blackpool to the sandcastle indoor water park.  There was heavy traffic because of the illuminations. But I had not understood and miss read the court agreement so I was 2 hours late due to my mistake but I regularly kept my ex updated via email.  I can’t understand why a simple text or email to say you are late would have been sufficient instead of leaving it over two hours to contact me then phone me distressing my daughter in the car saying she had phoned the police and I’m going to be arrested.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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