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    The lockdown has been a trialling time for everyone, more so for families that have children with special needs, requiring structured supervision throughout education, for example autistic & Asperger syndrome young adults, like my son also with ADD, had a minimal level of support then, that has petered out over the last two years, effectively now offering zero support for both my son’s needs, nor mine, as a registered disabled ‘vulnerable’ single parent. The government has really shown it true colours, in terms of lack of support, during the pandemic and in general. We’ve essentially been kept prisoners at home since March 2019, with no safe reason apart from shopping, to go venturing out anywhere. Even if we were allowed.

    As I do not have a Television, nor do I listen to the news on the radio, I receive little in the way of information (misinformation) about the state of affairs, outside the confines of these four walls. I received news today, that my neighbour and good friend’s daughter has been taken in very unwell, while being treated in hospital, she contracted COVID-19 and is now fighting for her life, with little to no chance of survival. News like this, makes me feel helpless to help a friend, on her own by her bedside, praying her daughter to make it through this nightmare.

    I ask anyone and everyone, to say a little prayer for Georgia-May, who is trying so darned hard to beat this nasty virus, her many pre-existing conditions, means she doesn’t really have a fighting chance, but I hope maybe a few extra prayers for her tonight from so many, might get noticed in time.

    Thanks all…

    Mr Craft

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    I am sorry to read your post ! My daughter is autistic and has had 100 percent attendance at school and I have continued to work. We have got a very supportive school with dedicated teachers.

    We have not gone out that much , only to places that haven’t got much people and to the park when the weather is bad

    .The only  support I have received isfrom the   nanny who  accompanied us on day trips . I have had to pay her from Dla and my salary . honestly Who has got time to watch TV these days!

    I do hope that Georgia may f eels better . My friend died suddenly in hospital today despite talking to family on phone and showing signs of  improvement !!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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