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    Looking for some advice as I’m losing my mind.
    Around Christmas time one of my friends notified me of my daughter’s Instagram page containing, let’s say rude pictures.
    I have spoke to her Mum but no matter how many times she refuses to monitor her online behaviour. My daughter lives with my ex full time as my job is far away. My daughter refuses to have any sort of conversation with me regarding her posts, and always hangs up the phone when I bring it up.  It’s driving a big wedge between us. If anyone has any advice it would be most useful.

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    It’s difficult to manage this yourself though I understand your concerns. Specifically what ‘rude’ pictures did you see? Depending upon the nature of the photos, there are laws regarding sharing certain content online and I wondered whether this crossed that line? Is this a legal matter? What age is your daughter? Were the images of her or someone else?
    Could you share your concerns with school safeguarding/pastoral care if mum isn’t interested? Mum may have spoken with your daughter but not told you.
    I know sometimes our high schools have the police in to speak with the teens about their responsibility in not sharing images online, not just of themselves but also it’s an offence to forward something you received from a third party.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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