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    Hi there.

    Recently my children have been told to isolate for 10 days due to them having a child in their school bubble test positive for covid.

    They are due to go to their dads at the weekend, and are not due to be out of isolation till monday.

    I have searched and searched for any advice on this subject. Are the children allowed to move from one parents house to the other whilst in isolation. Especially when that time is court ordered?

    Or is the consensus that they stay within the home in which they started their 10 days stay at home?

    I have had them tested and negative atm. But unsure on what the ruling is, are they allowed to go to their dads or not.

    He has made it abundantly clear that he does not want them, but im due to be at work. So completely stuck.

    Any help is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    If the kids have been told to isolate they shoudl isoalte as should anyone who is with them for the period of isolation… get someone else to deliver groceries etc… basicaslly not leave the house.  That’s the infection control standpoint and the government’s.

    A negative test doesn’t really mean much at all I’m afriad…. while a positive test (assuming the test is not a false positive, means you definitely have the virus and should isolate, and they can use you as a statistic of how far the virus has spread, a negative test can’t tell you you haven’t got it due to the incubation period and the time window which the test is effective.

    Regardless of what you decide to do, certainly your considerations should be if anoyne you or your ex is in contact with is in a high risk group and vulnerable, you should ensure that they are kept at a safe distance.  They will be taking extra precautions in any case but you may want  to take extra measures if your child has been told to isolate,  for the period of reccomended isolation regardless of a negative test.



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    same happened with my kid. she went home with mum and isolated for 10 days. I didn’t see her in that time.

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    Many thanks for your reply. Although i think you have slightly misinterpreted what i have asked.

    My children have not tested positive, and are showing no signs or symptoms for covid-19.

    They are isolating due to a school pupil testing positive as a precautionary measure as per government guidelines.

    This also means as per government guudelines that only the children have to isolate (as they are a covid contact) but this doesnt include myself or any other members of the household. Unless they should become symptomatic themselves.

    Which is why i ask the question, should they / are they allowed to move to a 2nd household to stop with their other parent? As long as they stay isolated?

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    Childrens dad is entitled to have final say if he chooses to have children or not. He is no doubt very anxious as a child has test positive at school and they been told to isolate.  In some situations a dad would choose to have his children anyway as you say they are negative and it was merely a precaution. There is no right or wrong really

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    My understanding is that in this case the children need to complete their isolation period of 10days from contact with positive case. You wouldn’t need to isolate unless the kids developed symptoms themselves in which you’d have them swabbed and isolate alongside until negative result. The problem is that not many people are presenting with the typical 3 covid symptoms; cough, anosmia or fever. Many present with headache and some are testing positive asymptomatic. It’s possible to get a negative swab within an incubation period. No-one knows whose got it and who hasn’t.  The children are able to transfer between parents if the kids themselves are not known to be positive or symptomatic. Though it’s a decision made between the parents and no-one can force contact to happen if the other parent isn’t willing. You just have to take it on the chin and explain to your employer I’m afraid

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    I have to second what Greenfiners says about the symptoms, in many kids sometimes a viral rash is more of a givaway than any of the other symptoms and they were at one stage considering putting it as a fourth isolation trigger at one point.  Coronavirus has seveeral others that are recognized abroad but in UK in order to simplify isolation triggers there is only the main three.



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